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Technology and Literacy:  Perspectives from the Classroom

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(updated June 4, 2007: added SSR 2.0, podcast #2)


Technology and Literacy: Perspectives from the Classroom

Mark Ahlness, 3rd Grade Teacher, Arbor Heights Elementary School, Seattle, Washington



Overview Of Mark's Session

Web 2.0 tools offer qualitatively different approaches to the teaching of literacy skills. Using blogs, even in third grade, can change more than just the writing process. It can alter the writing curriculum content. Students are not just consumers of information anymore, they are creators of information. Also, today’s students are demonstrating changes in reading preferences, moving away from traditional chapter books to embrace the reading of blogs, Real Simple Syndication feeds (RSS feeds), and online news. This presentation will focus on some of my experiences dealing with the excitement and challenges in integrating these new approaches in my third grade classroom, and some reflections on what the future may hold.


Comments from Mark on the presentation:

  • This presentation was prepared in advance and will be shown via DVD at the Institute. It is anticipated the presentation will be followed up by a live conversation between participants and me, via Skype. I'll be at home in Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • There is so much information I want to share, that this is but a drop in the bucket. Sit back, listen, and watch. Take a look at a "tweener" classroom. Watch and listen to some amazing third graders in their homes - on their blogs. Take a look at a teacher who is caught up in the web 2.0 literacy whirlwind.
  • No ties were worn at any point during recording or production.

Technology and Literacy: Perspectives from the Classroom: precon1small.wmv (63 MB, 30 min), or

extra low res. version on teachertube

  • (0:00)Introduction
  • (2:40) A look at the classroom
  • (5:55) A tour of http://roomtwelve.com
  • (9:50) A visit with Billy
  • (12:10) Earth Day thoughts
  • (15:45) A visit with Tommy
  • (20:20) SSR, 2.0?
  • (21:15) A visit with Sally
  • (24:35) Reflections from a teacher's desk




Family Internet Night: familyinternetnight.wmv(28 MB, 8 min.)

(narrated PowerPoint presentation on blogging for classroom parents) extra low res. version on teachertube




SSR 2.0, the Podcast: ssr1.wmv (4 MB, 6 min, podcast/screencast)

(interview with kids reading from blogs instead of books during silent reading)


Mark's Bio


Mark Ahlness received a BA in psychology from the University of Connecticut. He then moved to Seattle, where he received his teaching certificate and M.Ed. from the University of Washington. Mark has been teaching 3rd grade for 15 years at Arbor Heights Elementary.


Mark's Classroom Project Sites:


Personal blog:http://ahlness.com
School home page: http://arborheights.com
Earth Day Groceries Project: http://earthdaybags.org
Classroom blog: http://roomtwelve.com
Contact info: mahlness@halcyon.com





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